The coolest, comfiest e-bikes delivered to your Airbnb stay.

City e-bike rentals made simple.
We’ll deliver our electromules to your accommodation in Madeira and collect them when you’re done.

How it works

There’s no need to go in search of e-bike rental shops on your vacation. Our electromules are perfect for exploring the stunning island from your doorstep at leisure and in your own time. Choose our e-bikes if you favor serenity over adrenaline.

You book

Book online by choosing your start & end dates, e-bikes and extras.

We deliver

We deliver your chosen electromules right to your doorstep.

You enjoy

Explore Madeira in comfort. Enjoy your new-found independence!

We collect

Once you’re done, we’ll collect the e-bikes from your accommodation.

What's included

Everything you need for a safe adventure around the breathtaking island. Don’t forget your swimsuit and camera, you’re gonna need them. Limit rides to 20km a day, the electromules will do 75km on flat windless days, but as you’ll see, Madeira has a lot of hills (hills deplete batteries).


We’ve got you covered with the basics plus some tasty extras. Spare battery and child seat have day rates applied*.


Prices shown per one bike. Get automatic 5% off on 2+ bikes. Discounts apply for days not shown. See at checkout.

House rules

No one likes rules, but alas, a select few can spoil it for the many. That said, we think you'll find our house rules to be fair.

Meet the electromules

The time has come to meet our electromules. We have two types, a solid frame version and a step-through version. We can’t promise which ones you’ll get, but the truth is, each is as awesome and comfy as the next. As this is a trial period, we have a limited fleet of e-bikes, so hurry and book now! It’s first come first served… for now.

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250W geared hub motor

672Wh Li-battery

25 km/h top speed

Known as the pearl of the Atlantic, Madeira is beyond words. Temperate climate all year round, warm seas, beaches, stunning trails, levadas (nature walks), gastronomic delights, festivals galore, the famous fireworks at new year’s and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo. What’s there not to like? Ride through it all at leisure on our electromule rental e-bikes.

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